There is something about a great cup of freshly brewed coffee that just awakens my soul.

The smell of the roasted beans, the whirrrrrrrrrrrring of the grinder, that first sip that explodes on to my taste buds… I never get tired of it.  

What I do get tired of is what I see whenever I go into most large coffee shops.  Fussily prepared, over-brewed, inferior grade coffee that is disguised under layers of added sweeteners and flavorings.  If you’re paying good money, you should at least get good coffee. That shouldn’t be too much to ask.

I founded Bright Land Coffee because I believe that there is room in the market to showcase beans from around the developing world in a way that shows respect for the product and its producers.  We pay a fair price to reputable farms and importers for high grade beans and we keep a small, manageable inventory to maintain optimal freshness.  

Bright Land Coffee is primarily a supplier of craft cold brew coffee to local businesses who share our vision for quality coffee, but on occasion we may sell directly to consumers at trade shows, farmers markets and other events.   

This company is a long-deferred dream of mine, made into reality after being diagnosed with cancer.  After three difficult years of treatments and disappointments, I’d stopped hoping and dreaming and planning.  As I approached year 4, I realized that fighting cancer did not mean that the rest of my life had to stop. With the support of my amazing family and friends, I was able to bring Bright Land Coffee to life and I look forward to not only making great coffee, but also using this opportunity to support causes that are dear to my heart.

Bright Land is the translation of my last name, Lambert (from the German, Landberht).  It is not only my name going onto every bag of coffee, it is the culmination of my family’s dreams and hard work.  Bright Land is also a legacy for my two children, as proof that life goes on despite our setbacks and can still be full of new adventures.  

Whether you are a local roaster, a café owner interested in a new brand, or just a coffee enthusiast, I hope that you will give Bright Land a try.  Feel free to connect with us on social media, via email or by clicking the “Email Us” button on your screen.  

we look forward to hearing from you!