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“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
― Charles Dickens

hurricane dorian

On September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian arrived in the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm. It decimated Abaco and its surrounding cays before later that day arriving over Grand Bahama where it sat nearly completely stationary until September 3rd. Massive storm surges resulted in hundreds of Grand Bahamians being trapped in their homes as the water rose to alarming levels. This hurricane is on record as the most powerful to hit the Bahamas and has left tens of thousands of Bahamians without power, water, food, medication, jobs, and homes. The death toll continues to rise as more bodies on both islands are recovered from under the debris and many are still reported missing by desperate loved ones. The world has reached out to embrace the Bahamian people with aid from celebrities, countries and individuals alike. It will take years for these two islands to rebuild and every helping hand, every box of canned goods, every dollar donated will make a difference to the families affected.

What can be done

At Bright Land Coffee, while we may not be able to fly down to the islands and personally help each person, we can support relief efforts by donating funds to help feed, clothe, and rebuild. Throughout September, a portion of our profits will be donated to trusted organizations who are already on the ground providing help to those who need it most.

The Bahamas Government has posted a list of approved organizations to their website: This list is constantly updating and includes public and non-profit partnerships. There are also separate initiatives from reputable non-profits all over the world. Please research carefully when selecting an organization for aid. Ensure that your donations are going to the right people at the right time in the right amounts. In order to ensure that Bright Land Coffee is doing its best to help, we are only making donations from our company to approved organizations named by the Bahamas government.


From our FOUNDER & CEO

The Bahamas holds a special place in my heart. My wife, Nadia, was born and raised in Grand Bahama. Her family still lives there and we visit as often as we can. We even christened our children there when they were young. I remember vividly visiting Nadia in and spending lazy days at the beach, watching the annual Junkanoo parades, eating all of the amazing food, and laughing my head off with her hilarious relatives. We watched the news coverage in horror as Dorian tore apart Abaco and Grand Bahama. We spent many sleepless nights reaching out to family and praying for everyone’s safety. Unfortunately, not everyone made it through the storm safely and we grieve for every life lost. It was a no-brainer to raise money to help, aside from our own personal donations. Bright Land Coffee is young and its small. We probably don’t make much more than a few pennies in profit off of each sale, but if half of those pennies go into the hands of people who need it, its so worth it. We love the Bahamas and even after September, we will do our best to continue to support the rebuilding of these communities. Even if you are not able to buy our products, please consider donating to hurricane relief efforts. We thank you for your support. - Gary L.

where can we buy bright land coffee & support hurricane relief?

All of our sales from East Falls Farmers’ Markets and Mt. Airy Market Days will be combined and 50% of the profits will be directly donated to a reputable aid organization or organizations. Any other sales from wholesale or retail partnerships will also be calculated at the same rate for donations.

If you cannot get to one of our sales, please visit and consider making a donation of your own. Local churches, non-profits, and even Bahamian Embassies are also ready to receive aid.