Costa Rica Vista del Lago White Honey, 1 lb

Costa Rica Vista del Lago White Honey, 1 lb


Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Processing: Honey

Taste Profile: Light and sweet. Red apples, red fruit, hazelnut and milk chocolate. Some citrus acidity.

Roast Level: Light

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Don Vernie is part of the 4th generation of coffee growers in his family. He is passionate about coffee and learned to work in the coffee industry from a very young age.

He and his family performed countless tests on how to process their coffee and took many samples to Q-graders and cuppers. Based on the feedback they received, they felt confident in 2013 with the coffee quality they had to start their family project to produce and to process micro lots for the specialty coffee market.

Vernie and his family are very involved in the different work activities, and they have a small business where they bring tourism to better understand how their coffee is produced, and about the Costa Rican coffee culture.

For Don Vernie, every stage of growing and processing specialty coffee is important, but the most important for him is the selection and sorting of the right ripe cherries.

That’s why during harvest time the process at Vista del Lago begins with the selection of exclusively ripe cherries to ensure an uniform quality and taste. After the coffee is picked, they bring it immediately to process to prevent the fermentation of the product. Once the coffee is at the micro-mill, they mechanically do the pulping in a Penagos machine, after the beans are pulped and drained, it passes to the sun drying area where it is placed in African beds, exposed directly to the sun, they move the beans every 30 minutes during the day to ensure an uniform drying for a period of approximately 9 days to 12 days, until the beans reach the humidity of 10.5% which is the optimum for storage. The raised beds are covered during the night to avoid that the coffee absorbs the humidity of the environment when the temperature is low.